Claim Denied The Affordable Care Act (AKA Obama Care) Vs. The Koch Bros. and FOX News


When you see or hear something that scares you about ‘The Affordable Care Act’ (AKA Obamacare) bring it to me. Whether it is a TV ad or a personal story or something you read or heard, I will do my best to research it’s veracity. If it is screwing you, I will do my best to see if there is a way to make it better. THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO ARE BEING HURT BY THE LAW. It is far from perfect. It was also necessary to prevent total economic collapse (again). It is also going to improve the quality of medical care in this country (you don’t hear a lot about that because it does not have sizzle and sizzle helps ratings).

I don’t care or you are a Republican or Democrat or don’t care about politics or are into bestiality (actually the last one I might)…

BUT IF YOU LIVE IN ONE OF THE STATES THAT IS REFUSING THE FEDERAL MEDICAID EXPANSION and you are living at or near the poverty line you need to write your congressman or congresswoman and especially YOUR GOVERNOR and tell them you DO NOT WANT TO DIE because of their political ambitions.

Thank you for your time.  I have some fun links for you to read and watch.

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  1. Obamacare is very flawed because it exspects everyone to pay for a few. I don’t understand why its so vast, every crappy job I’ve had, I had health insurance. So whats the purpsoe of this law? For the elderly? no. they have medicare, poor children have medicade- who needs this law ?
    Is it to fool people into thinknig they need big government? It’s working… and thanks to Obamacare, even thoguh I have health insurance, I will be forced to pay a penality. But its cheaper than the plans offered, had i taken the OC plans, I’d be paying nearly triple of what I pay now. How is that good for working class people? I wonder if many are aware of how you are penalized for having your insurance. Much like being punished for being successful, this adminstration wants everyone beneath them so they can control your every move. A docile nation is a easily fooled one.
    Obama and the rest of DC can not one bit for the people of this nation. Only those that give them power.

    Sleepaway Camp rocks!